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Yet, it is the beginning of 1960s. Industrialization process, which has been started nearly in all European countries in the following years of 2nd World War, is going on with all its speed. As to be the first in Germany, there significantly need to workforce in a lot of countries. The source is Turkey. A biggest workforce emigration starts from Turkey to European countries. These peoples prove their worth in short time by their industriousness and business ethics. Meanwhile, the requirements are come in to the picture. Especially the food habits are indispensable. Consequently, our first entrepreneurs arise in retail food and gastronomy areas. Importing and wholesale trade on a wider spectrum follow this fact in 70s. Turkish entrepreneurs abroad, in 80s, reached to such a composition that they were adapted to modern trade methods by producing and making investments as well as importing and wholesale trading included chain store. Their investments are not only confined with the countries they lived but also expanded in Turkey and other countries.

When our businessmen carried their commercial development process to the top points they needed to be organized in “occupational organizations” format. Although this organizing process cause to “societies inflation”, it develops itself rapidly. Our businessmen associations abroad are stand on a rational base by “natural selection” occurred over time in numerical and organizational context.

A new progression occurs in 1980s “in the context of Turkish businessmen abroad”. At the beginning of 80s, our contractors who were awarded with works abroad attend to our “pioneer” entrepreneurs who went abroad at the beginning of 60s but gained the businessman status over time. This “second wave”, which has been started with our contractors, gains another dimension following the collapse of Iron Curtain. Turkish businessmen are now in a composition in which they expanded over the whole world, as to be the first in the neighboring countries and in the Central Asian Turkic Republics.
The new progressions such as rapid globalization and others in European Union context, alongside the said facts above, requires a “framework organization” to be established by our businessmen who were already organized abroad. Although the Governments and related institutions’ close interest to our businessmen abroad, increasing of the effectiveness would only be possible by means of an organization to be established in Turkey. Chronological progressing and conjuncture compel this type of organization to be structured.

This requirement is met by establishing of Turkish Foreign Trade Foundation which was constructed by our businessmen abroad in the leadership and initiative of Ertuğrul Önen who has the active role in organizing of our businessmen abroad as in the form of associations at the end of 80s and at the beginning of 90s.

The Deed of Foundation was attested on 24 October 1995.