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Turkish Foreign Trade Foundation (TDV), in the years following its establishment, performed some activities such as World Turkish Businessmen Conventions as to be the first and some publication activities and it also arranged various occupational meetings. It featured training activities after undertaking the organization of Conventions of “World Turkish Businessmen Foundation” which was established and activated under the same framework in 2000.

TDV performs “Foreign Trade Specialist Training Programs” in Ankara, Istanbul and İzmir as to be the first. It also arranges occupational training programs on institutional basis in accordance with the expectations of public institutes occupational organizations.

Additionally; continuing to its publication activities, issued the 2nd edition of the “Foreign Trade Regulations” book for the pupils participated in the training programs. The book named “Foreign Trade of the National Struggle Period” is a source book in which how Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends heavily interested in the foreign trade while they were fighting for independency war was documented. A periodical which was started for its publication in 2001 with the name “Made in Turkey” filled an important gap in the foreign trade business sector. This periodical had been issued as bimonthly at the beginning, but now it’s been issued as Special Issue of World Turkish Businessmen Conventions.

TDV continues granting its active support to “World Turkish Businessmen Convention” organization that has been arranged by World Turkish Businessmen Foundation which its sister establishment.