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(It has been quoted as exactly the same from Article 2 headed “Targets and Duties of the Foundation” of Deed of Foundation.) Targets and Duties of Turkish Foreign Trade Foundation are as below:

1) Supporting activities of state enterprises and institutions and private sector as well as occupational organizations active in foreign trade and lending all kind of assistances to them.

2) Making studies for ensuring our merchandise exports conformity to European Union standards as to be the first and to international standards; making studies for obtaining hallmarks ensuring the quality of our merchandise exports; and making efforts for increasing the competitive chance of these goods.

3) Making every kind of investigations that would ensure the imports to be performed in most convenient conditions and granting supports to the related studies.

4) Regarding its targets; organizing of scientific seminars domestic and foreign, making publications, granting supports to the studies that will develop the foreign marketing, making contacts with domestic and foreign establishments including representative relations.

5) Granting supports to the foreign trade business sector in relation to the applications and regulations reference to the studies to be made for Customs Union.

6) Rewarding the Letter of Appreciations and awards with a view to encourage organizations and institutions presenting dynamic progressions in export business and also to successful exporters.

7) Making instructional and educational activities, establishing universities and academies, arranging courses, seminars and meetings, awarding scholarships, and ensuring scholarships from related countries for training of the personnel dealing with exports and imports in private sector and in state enterprises and institutions as domestically and also for foreign entities first of all in Central Asian Turkic Republics.

8) Establishing of institutes, centers, information banks, and laboratories targeting research, development, marketing and training; and operating and to be operated of them.